Our company uses of optical character recognition (OCR) technology for processing large volumes of received invoices if these documents cannot be imported through formats such as XML, TXT or others.

The workflow of processing the documents includes the following parts:

  • Customer or InterGest employee sends the document via FTP in PDF, JPG or TIFF format on a predetermined data storage device.

  • Document is scanned using OCR technology, and converted to digital form.

  • Digital form, together with the original file is stored in the DMS.

  • If necessary, a new workflow is created for new document.

  • After a positive end of workflow, the document is exported to ERP.

The users constantly can see the original version of the document throughout the workflow. The link between the original document in the DMS and ERP still exist. Through this link, the user may display and view the document for its accounting, making the payment or review.

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