We have extensive experience in advisory.

We combine many years of experience in the international advisory environment with experience gained in the real business world.

We passed through a number of companies with different cultural environments. We tailor our services to your needs and no matter what situation you are in, we will not get scared of any challenges.

We are not theoreticians who give wisdoms from the desk, we work on the client’s premises. Your success is our greatest satisfaction.

We offer our clients a wide range of accounting and financial advisory services, especially:

  • Advisory in the preparation of financial statements and notes to financial statements, annual report, report on relations

  • Advisory in the preparation of consolidated financial statements

  • Advisory in the process of annual closing of accounting books

  • Methodical consultancy with accounting of complex accounting cases of various areas

  • Advisory in implementation of effective internal control system

  • Training for your employees on an accounting topic selected by you

  • Advisory in corporate financial management

  • Advisory in corporate financial management

  • Preparation of reports for domestic and foreign management

  • Optimization of document workflow

  • Cost optimization

  • Assistance with ERP rollout