The more clients’ demands increase, the more companies feel the need to improve not only financial control of key areas of companies.

The majority of managerial employees today are aware that running a company only on the basis of a financial plan ensuing from an analysis of costs and revenues from books is no longer sufficient in this day and age.

The procedure for introduction of controlling is different in each company. In order to optimise internal company processes it is necessary to first of all assess the key performance indicators (KPI) of a company which are to be measured, all with emphasis on the saying “What we don’t measure, we don’t control”. There follows the phase of implementation of tools for automatic processing of reports for the controlling department, which it shall be possible to evaluate.

For our customers, we propose KPIs to be measured and we set the rules for controlling, both on the company and global corporate levels.

Our focus includes not only controlling costs and revenues using data from accounting records. The proposed KPIs relate to:

  • profitability of each contract

  • profitability of each salesman

  • achieved margin on sold goods or services

  • human resources management

  • individual processes in manufacturing

The form of the final reports and their distribution depends on the customer’s requirements and used ERP SW. We can provide an on-line access to BI (SW for business intelligence) to customers who use our ERP software, where each user then can access reports showing the data needed for effective management and decision-making.

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